Test fur Auslandische Studierende (Test for Academic Studies)

TestAS is a central standardised scholastic aptitude test which measures the intellectual abilities of potential students from non-EU countries planning to do undergraduate studies at German universities.
The test is offered in German and English language.
The test consists of a core test, subject-specific test (module) and a language test. The language test is conducted online, whereas the core test and the module test are done in writing.
You can take TestAS at LinguaLink, your licensed centre.
You register online 
on the website www.testas.de. Once you are registered, you will receive a verification mail.

The exam fee for the TestAS is 115 Euros.
On the test date 
you need to have a valid identification document (ID card or passport).
You need at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in order to successfully complete TestAS.
Please inquire at the website or the International Office of the university you are applying to as to whether TestAS is one of the admission requirements for your chosen field of study.


TestAS Dates for 2021

Exam Date


Registration period


04.03.2021 (Thursday)

11.11.2020 - 07.01.2021

24.04.2021 (Saturday)

19.01.2021 - 08.03.2021

30.10.2021 (Saturday)

02.06.2021 - 14.09.2021



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