Level B2-C1
Duration: 16 weeks
Number of classes: 80 -160 classes

ICFE is an internationally recognised examination aimed at those who are thinking of, or already pursuing, a career in finance or accountancy. It demonstrates to potential employers that the candidates have the skills and competence in English language to communicate in an international financial environment. For the professionals with established careers, this qualification can be used to validate their language skills and provide proof of ability to work  in an international context.

This Cambridge exam focuses on the topics that finance professionals encounter in their daily working lives, such as:

  • Financial reporting
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Accounting
  • Assets and company valuations
  • Acquisitions and mergers

The exam consists of four papers, covering the four communication skills:

  • Reading - This part of the exam evaluates the ability to understand financial texts and reference books within international accounting and auditing standards, corporate documentation and financial reports.
  • Writing - The writing test assesses the use of English to write letters and reports in an accountancy and finance. The candidates are expected to be able to use the language to explain, persuade and develop arguments.
  • Listening - In this part, the candidates are exposed to authentic listening sequences, such as, presentations, lectures, news broadcasts, discussions and interviews on finance-related issues.
  • Speaking - This paper tests the use of spoken English, including the ability to respond to questions and express ideas coherently on finance-related topics using appropriate language.

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