Level C2.2
Duration: 20 weeks

(100 classes + 40 classes of mock tests)


  • Vocabulary – the vocabulary is on the highest possible level and reflects the most subtle nuances of word meaning. The texts introduce new structures and words, which are further on applied and elaborated in practice.
  • Grammar – the students upgrade their previously acquired knowledge by means of systematic practice and coping with the slightest differences in the usage of grammatical structures.
  • Reading– the texts dealt with, are chosen from a wide range of authentic sources and reflect the complexity of the language, which the students inevitably have to face when they take the examination.
  • Writing– the students get acquainted and master the structure of certain types of writing texts through examples (reports, articles, essays, critical reviews, summaries, etc.), as well as the expressions and vocabulary used for each text type respectively.
  • Listening– the candidates are exposed to authentic recordings in different contexts which are adapted to the tasks included in the examination. Therefore, the students learn how to recognise subtly expressed meanings, feelings and attitudes.
  • Speaking– by  individual and pair work, the candidates develop their own ability to express themselves spontaneously referring to particularly given topics, in a manner that corresponds to  knowledge of complex structures and vocabulary.

Goals and Outcomes
The students upgrade their knowledge of the language to level C2 and acquire the techniques to successfully master the examination format. All tasks and exercises are adjusted to the examination format by paying  equal attention to all language skills. Thus, the students are completely skilled to cope with the format of all four papers of the Cambridge English: Proficiency.


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