Level C1.2
Duration: 20 weeks
(100 classes + 40 classes of mock tests)


  • Vocabulary – the emphasis is on substantial upgrading of both the passive and active vocabulary knowledge, and there is a particular emphasis on the words with the same or similar form, but different meaning, prefixes and suffixes, collocations and phrasal verbs. The students are trained to deduce the meanings of unfamiliar words from context.
  • Grammar – the students work out and complete grammatical rules on their own relying on their previously acquired knowledge. This is most frequently done by comparing and contrasting sentences, identifying language functions and transformations.
  • Reading – the students are exposed to complex, authentic texts from various sources and are trained to cope with long texts of up to 1200 words and to answer a given task by means of reading comprehension for gist, scanning, skimming, looking for specific information and deducing meaning from context.
  • Writing– the aim is to master the format of different types of texts such as formal business letters/emails, reports, proposals, essays, informal letters/emails and reviews.
  • Listening– the students are exposed to a wide range of accents and variants of the colloquial language by one or more speakers – conversations, discussions, interviews, lectures, instructions, etc., in order to understand and answer a certain task.
  • Speaking– students work in pairs or groups, considerably helping them develop their general communicative skills and their personal speaking skills as well, using vocabulary and language structures adequate to this level.

Goals and Outcomes
The students should be able to upgrade their general knowledge of the language competence for this level (C1), including all language skills, to begin identifying the variations between the formal and informal register, as well as subtle nuances of word meaning. Thus, the students are completely skilled to cope with the format of all four papers of the Cambridge English: Advanced.


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