Level B2.2
Duration: 32 weeks
                (128 classes + 32 classes of mock tests)


  • Vocabulary – recycling and testing of the new vocabulary is the key characteristic of this course. Special attention is paid to the vocabulary tested in the FCE. The students are constantly encouraged to use the new words while speaking.
  • Grammar – the students with the already acquired knowledge of grammar develop and complete their own grammar rules independently. The teacher only gives a short explanation and helps the student with the more complex grammar parts. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills are used to fit the format of the examination, which comprises key word transformation, word formation, inserting words etc.
  • Reading – coping with wide range of different reading materials (extracts from newspapers, magazines, works of fiction, announcements). The tasks vary from reading for gist to reading for specific information.
  • Writing – coping with the format of different types of writing: formal and business letters/emails, articles, reports, essays, informal letters/emails and book reviews.
  • Listening – the students are exposed to listen to a wide range of accents and sources of spoken English by one or more speakers – conversations, discussions, interviews, stories, instructions, lectures, etc., in order to understand the meaning and complete the task set.

Goals and Outcomes
The students should be able to upgrade their general knowledge of the language competence for this level (B2), which comprises all language skills, to start recognising the various forms of formal and informal language, as well as to be aware of the subtle nuances of meanings of the words. Thus, the students are completely skilled to cope with the format of all four papers of the Cambridge English: First.


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