European Language Certificates

telc gGmbH stands for the European Language Certificates. telc certificates are widely known and recognised as proof of language competence by many employers, medical institutions, schools and universities. They are accepted as language proof when applying for a German visa or German citizenship.

telc language tests  transparently and objectively assess the language competence and language level using fair and reliable criteria. telc language tests are accurate, relevant and fair. telc certificates are aligned with CEFR levels (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR). telc language tests   are offered from level А1 for the beginners to level C2 for the most proficient language users.  

telc GmbH cooperates with a broad network of institutions among which is ALTE  (Association of Language Testers in Europe -ALTE). telc language tests are developed by leading didactics experts and specialists and are constantly reviewed to provide and ensure accurate, relevant and fair results.

telc Online Placement Test
telc Online Placement Test is a quick and convenient assessment of the  level of candidate’s language competence in accordance with CEFR. The test is an ideal instrument for companies and institutions which need to assess their employees’ language skills. Also, it can be used by universities and language schools as a reliable placement test.

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior, represented through the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, has, together with the Goethe Institute e.V., commissioned telc with the development of the Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer A2/B1 (German Language Test for Migrants A2/B1) as the final examination for participants in national integration courses. In addition to this, telc GmbH has been commissioned with the administration and further development of this examination.


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