• Students attend classes according to the devised timetable. Classes are forty-minute sessions.
  • LinguaLink reserves the right to cancel a course due to the number of participants and/or to change the timetable or the language teacher if necessary.
  • Students are expected to attend classes regularly and punctually, and obey the house rules.
  • Students may cancel the course due to an illness or other reasonable cause in agreement with or at the discretion of LinguaLink. Should any cancellation take place, students pay for the attended classes.
  • Assessment is done continuously throughout the course and by progress tests and end-of-term tests. Report cards containing information on students' progress, attendance and discipline are sent twice a year.
  • Students obtain a certificate of attendance with levels referring to CEFR at the end of the course. A certificate is issued to students who attended a minimum of 70% of the classes and/or achieved a minimum of 60% of the outlined curriculum objectives.
  • The price of the course depends on the number of classes. Course books and workbooks are not included in the course fee.
  • Students are to abide by the set payment dates.
  • Payment can be made at LinguaLink from Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 9 pm and on Friday from 8 am to 3 pm, in a bank or at the post office.
  • LinguaLink is not responsible for the lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Students responsible for negligence or damages to the property of LinguaLink, will be required to reimburse the damage.
  • In case of any complaints, grievances or queries, students refer to the administrative staff.

Location of LinguaLink