About us

LinguaLink is a language school founded in 2002 by a group of experienced language teachers. It has one location and a capacity of 12 classrooms.

If you want to learn foreign languages there are many reasons for choosing our school.

We have excellent teachers

  • Our teaching staff is experienced and dynamic, making your classes interesting, interactive and effective

We offer courses to meet your needs

  • LinguaLink offers courses of different intensirty, dynamics and length at all levels and for all ages. Besides the regular courses we also offer tailored courses to meet your needs 

Individual approach in the classrooms

  • Our groups are with optimal number of students. These conditions are ideal for an individual approach in the classroom and ensure that students communicate in the target language even at the  most elementary level

 Our school offers modern facilities

  • Air-conditioned classrooms, modern audio-visual  and technical aids, interactive white board teaching, library, computers and access to the Internet at all times are some of the facilities that LinguaLink provides for you

 Comfortable and friendly working environment

  • Our highly qualified and experienced teachers and friendly administration staff is always there for you ready to provide a modern, comfortable and study-friendly environment  and direct you to the right place.

Location of LinguaLink