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Courses for children

LinguaLink offers courses for children aged 5-6, primary school students and teenagers.

Courses for adults

LinguaLink offers general courses for adults which take students from basic to proficient level...

About LinguaLink

LinguaLink is a renowned and forward thinking language school in Skopje, Macedonia.
It was established in 2002 and provides expert language training for students of all ages and levels.


Owing to its continuous and professional commitment to quality, sustainability and high standards of language management, LinguaLink has been the very first centre licensed to administer TOEFL iBT in Macedonia.

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telc Licensed Partner

We are pleased to inform you
that LinguaLink has become a licensed partner and centre for administering telc language tests widely known and recognised as proof of language competence by many employers, medical institutions, school and universities. They are accepted as a language proof when applying for a German visa or german citizenship.
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